Online Schools in Canada

Give yourself the opportunity to get a life-changing education—online.

Canada's online schools make it easier than ever to begin developing the marketable skills that can help you stand out to employers. That puts the career you want within your reach. By going to school online, learning what you need to know becomes a simpler matter of working your studies into a schedule that truly works for you.

Consider the fact that you'll be in good company. By some estimates, around 875,000 to 950,000 students are already enrolled in some type of online training in Canada.* And did you know that about 80 percent of the country's population has access to the Internet at home? That's one of the world's highest rates of connection. Plus, at 45 hours per month, Canadians spend more time than anyone else online—nearly twice the worldwide average.**

What all of that means is this: The possibilities offered through e-learning and distance learning at online colleges are growing every day. When it comes to convenient educational paths that lead to respected vocational opportunities, students in this country now have several options.

Get a College Diploma or Degree With Fewer Barriers

Canada's student population is a lot more diverse than it used to be. People of almost every age, background, and lifestyle now pursue post-secondary education. As a result, schools have had to adapt to the growing demand for programs that serve students who can't make it to a traditional campus or adhere to a fixed schedule.

Maybe you are part of an increasing number of students who have to hold down a full-time job. Perhaps you have family members to care for. Or maybe you have a disability or live far away from good schooling options. Whatever your situation, you're not alone in facing obstacles to getting an education. For instance, check out these facts:

  • Since about the mid-1990s, the number of full-time Canadian students who have to work more than 35 hours per week has nearly doubled. And about 91 percent of the nation's part-time students, aged 20 to 29, must hold jobs while pursuing their degrees.***
  • Many college students have dependent children. In the U.S. almost 25 percent do.**** And the numbers are likely similar in Canada. In fact, between 2009 and 2010, more than 28,000 Canada Student Grants were given to full-time students who had dependent family members.†
  • From 2009 to 2010, the federal government awarded over 18,000 student grants to people with permanent disabilities.†

Because of the flexibility inherent in online training or distance learning, a lot of common barriers can be removed. Most students who take this route are able to study right at home. In fact, you can usually get any necessary course materials delivered to your front door or even completely over the Internet. And you are generally free to choose your own time and place for studying or engaging in class work. Many of today's online programs also give you access to digital resources like e-libraries, video tutorials, chat rooms, and discussion forums.

Save Time

When you study from home, you get to minimize time-consuming activities like commuting. That leaves you more free time to pursue the important things in your life. Think about it: In 2011, the average commute time for a Canadian travelling to work in a major city by bus, subway, or light rail was between 40.4 to 52.5 minutes.‡ And the statistics are probably very similar for a student travelling to a physical campus. Even if you drive to school, you're still looking at the possibility of a lengthy commute. What else might you decide to do with all of that time? Only online or distance learning gives you the freedom to ask that question.

Save Money

Commutes aren't just time-consuming; they can also be very costly. That's especially true if you drive in a big city. By staying home and learning online, you can keep more of your income.

Choose from a Growing Selection of Online Career-Driven Programs

The variety of Internet-based programs available today is staggering. Students now have options in almost every vocational category—from business administration to healthcare to the digital arts and web technology. Even aspiring automotive technicians have the chance to begin learning their chosen trade online.

Begin Exploring the Possibilities Right Now

Online schools in Canada have given many students like you the chance to pursue a meaningful education that's actually convenient. And they are ready to help even more. So find one that aligns with your career interests. Simply enter your postal code into the simple search tool above to set your new life in motion today!

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