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Hospitality Management Colleges & Schools

By Publisher
| Last Updated March 10, 2022

Training with a hospitality management college can help you begin a career in one of the biggest economic sectors in North America. As people's available leisure time and disposable incomes continue to increase, so does the demand for hospitality services. Hospitality management schools can show you how to uphold impeccable customer service standards so you can give your guests a vacation they will remember.

A hospitality management college will teach you how to manage a hotel, including front office, housekeeping, maintenance, food service, and all levels of staff. The knowledge you acquire will help you begin your hospitality management career with confidence and strength. Acquiring the ability to boost productivity and efficiency while controlling labour costs will make you a sought-after hospitality manager.

5 Bright Careers You Can Pursue with Hospitality Training

Hotel ManagementHospitality is a vibrant industry that offers exciting and potentially lucrative possibilities. So, if you're exploring what an education in this field can do for you, then you're already ahead of the game.

Hospitality training—particularly hospitality management training—can open all sorts of new doors for anyone with a friendly attitude, a little initiative, and a desire to earn great personal rewards by creating enjoyable and memorable experiences for others. In fact, people with this type of education frequently go on to have careers with exceptional advantages such as:

  • Fantastic pay
  • Global travel opportunities
  • Quick advancement
  • Daily displays of gratitude
  • Interactions with captivating people—sometimes even celebrities

The potential benefits provide ample reason to consider making your living in hospitality management. So, with all of that in mind, check out these five truly worthwhile career options:

1. Hotel Management

Whether for business or leisure, travelers always need a place to stay. It's why the accommodations industry is so huge. According to the Hotel Association of Canada, more than 8,000 hotel properties collectively employ over 300,000 hospitality workers, directly or indirectly, in Canada.

Hotel, resorts and cruise ships need people with skills to run and oversee their operations to ensure terrific experiences for guests or clients and a positive bottom line.

The Canadian median wage for accommodation service managers is $36.06 per hour. However, many people in the field eventually earn much more than that, especially in popular tourist regions.

2. Concierge Services

Before people become hospitality managers, they often enjoy getting their start in the industry as concierges. It's a role that involves assisting hotel guests with everything from spa or dining reservations to local travel to the procurement of tickets for shows, popular attractions, or sporting events. A concierge usually takes pride in knowing the local region, its amenities, and its hot spots so they can make solid recommendations to tourists or business travellers.

The concierge field is quickly growing beyond the hotel, resort, or cruise ship settings. For example, many luxury residential buildings now keep concierges on staff for their tenants. And, more and more, entrepreneurs with backgrounds in hospitality are starting their own companies, offering personal concierge and errand services to wealthy clients—and reaping the financial benefits.

3. Food Service or Restaurant Management

Hospitality Management CollegesCanadian restaurants employ about 1.2 million people. Many additional workers have jobs with catering companies, facility cafeterias, or hotel or cruise ship food and beverage operations. And all of those people—and the work they perform—must be coordinated and overseen. It's why restaurant managers, bar managers, banquet managers, and other types of food service managers are frequently in high demand.

In Canada, the median annual pay for professionals in this field is about $23.75 per hour. Yet many earn more than that. Plus, having restaurant management skills can greatly increase your chances of succeeding if you decide to open your own dining establishment.

4. Bed and Breakfast (B&B) Operation

When it comes to accommodations, B&Bs represent a truly special niche. They offer travellers the opportunity to experience staying overnight in a home-like environment since that is exactly what it is. Owners of B&Bs often live on the same property that their guests stay at and aim to provide services that feel more down-to-earth than those found in hotels or larger resorts.

Hospitality training can give you the tools to help operate a B&B or even run your own one someday.

5. Casino Management

Gaming is popular with many Canadians, employing thousands of people throughout Canada. And casinos, just like hotels and restaurants, require good managers to thrive and ensure that guests have a good time.

Being a manager at a gaming establishment can be particularly lucrative. According to the Government of Canada Job Bank, a casino general manager's median wage is $39.93 per hour. In Ontario, it can go as high as $172.82 per hour.

Many of the skills you can learn through hospitality management classes apply to this field. Most people working in the casino industry must register with a provincial regulatory body to work at a licensed establishment. Examples of licensing agencies include the Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba and the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.