Fashion Design Schools and Colleges

By Publisher Last Updated February 28, 2018

Fashion design schools in Canada can help you gain marketable career skills.

You can have the chance to start pursuing success in the exciting and creative industry you truly want to be part of. Just imagine the new doors that could open to you by completing fast yet powerful training at a Canadian fashion school. Who knows—with your enthusiasm and ambition, you might ultimately become one of the country's top designers.

Why Fashion Design Is a Career Worth Taking Seriously

The Canadian apparel industry takes an innovative approach to the production of apparel, striving to produce and deliver high-value products efficiently and cost-effectively. As a result, those products are in demand, both domestically and worldwide. In fact, the Canadian fashion industry's major export market is the United States.* Our southern neighbor was the destination for more than 79 percent of the apparel industry's exports in 2014 alone. And other big export destinations include the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Japan.**

And keep this in mind: Despite some significant changes in recent years related to how Canadian fashion apparel is produced and manufactured, there is still room for fresh talent and people who bring new ideas. Since this nation's fashion industry is largely focused on producing high-end apparel, most of its non-manufacturing activities (such as design) still take place in Canada. World-famous cities like Vancouver and Toronto are well-known for being home to numerous creative designers.

Salary Potential and Career Outlook

The median hourly wage for a fashion designer in Canada is $24.50.*** Of course, it is possible to earn substantially more, especially if you establish your own successful line of clothing or retail brand. And that speaks to one of the major benefits of attending certain fashion design schools: Their programs often cover a lot of the business-related aspects of the industry, such as marketing and merchandising. That way, you can graduate with an understanding of what you'll need to do to become successful on that level.

In terms of employment outlook, opportunities for people with the right mix of skills, talent, and vision certainly do exist. Between 2019 and 2028, nearly 9,200 new openings are projected to become available within the job category that includes fashion designers and other creative designers and craftspersons.***

Plus, you can increase your odds of finding a position you enjoy by networking with people in the industry while still going through your fashion design training. Being a fashion student can often help you make those connections more easily than you might otherwise be able to, especially if your drive to succeed shines through.

Begin Your Journey in Fashion Today

Learn a lot more about what an education from a Canadian fashion design school involves and can do for your career prospects. Find one right now by entering your postal code into the simple school finder on this page!

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