Business Schools in Canada

By Publisher Last Updated February 20, 2015

Business schools in Canada can give you an advantage that creates real opportunity.

With the right training, you can work toward building a professional life full of success and satisfaction. Business programs frequently offer a focused educational approach that's truly relevant to the trends of today's market. As a result, you get the chance to attain both timely and time-honoured skills that can enhance your confidence and lead to greater personal prosperity.

Why Accounting Professionals Are Almost Always in Strong Demand

Companies and other organizations—in nearly every industry—rely on the expertise of people who know how to accurately keep track of things like profits, losses, taxes, financial transactions, and payroll. Without the use of good accounting services, a growing business can quickly stall or even fail. As a result, companies of every size look for professionals with good training in this important field.

6 Appealing Skill Areas That Are Often Taught at Top Business Schools

Few sectors have as many possible careers paths as this one. In fact, the variety of business programs available to students is now greater than ever. Companies within all types of industries need qualified professionals with market-ready abilities.

And the opportunities aren't just limited to corporate environments. Many other kinds of organizations also require people with business skills. For example, employment options frequently exist with not-for-profit agencies, government departments, and community associations. Plus, you might have an entrepreneurial spirit and decide to launch your own enterprise.

The bottom line is that the possibilities are almost limitless. And many statistics back up the fact that pursuing a business education can be a very smart move. Look at these facts:

  • In 2012, more than 2.4 million business establishments operated in Canada.* They included over 2,800 head offices.**
  • Earning an academic credential in an area related to business administration can pay off handsomely. As an example, between 1991 and 2010, Canadian men who had a college certificate, diploma, or bachelor's degree in this field made cumulative earnings of 24.6 to 83.5 percent more than people of the same gender who only had a high school diploma. And Canadian women earned 36.2 to 154.8 percent more.**
  • The median annual earnings of people with an undergraduate post-secondary education in business have risen significantly over the years. From 1991 to 2010, they rose by between 35 and 64.7 percent for men. And they grew by between 52.1 and 60.9 percent for women.**

So, what are the best areas of business to pursue? Check out these enticing options:

1. Management

The world of business has plenty of room for people who want to use their leadership abilities. Planning, coordinating, and overseeing part or all of an organization's operations is a big job, but it's also very satisfying for those who enjoy being in charge and making things happen.

Plus, being a manager often pays well. For instance, the median salary in Canada for a business services firm manager is about $76,560. And some managers make over $112,000.*** Of course, you may not necessarily begin your career at the managerial level. But with the right education, motivation, and a little business experience, it's possible to advance to this level in a relatively short amount of time.

And remember this: You can specialize in an area of management that really ignites your enthusiasm. Examples such as hospitality management, project management, and entertainment business management are all areas in which you can find specialized programs.

2. Administrative Support

Professionals in this area are primarily involved in doing essential work that keeps an organization's day-to-day operations running effectively. They often help establish workplace policies and procedures. And they are frequently tasked with handling important details or supporting and helping to execute the plans of executives and managers.

It's common for people in this area to begin their careers as administrative assistants before advancing to higher positions like office manager or administrative supervisor. Along the way, many Canadians who perform this type of work earn good salaries. For example, the median annual pay for administrative officers is about $44,900. For executive assistants, it is about $51,200. But the highest earners in both types of positions make over $69,700.***

Interesting ways to specialize also exist. Training programs are often available in a particular area of interest such as oil and gas administration, human resources, and office administration.

3. Accounting and Financial Administration

All successful organizations understand that achieving a healthy bottom line while staying in compliance with industry or government regulations requires qualified financial professionals. From analyzing finances to processing taxes and payroll to collecting or receiving payments, the work is often critical. As a result, the pay in this field is frequently quite attractive. Take a look at these median salaries in Canada, as well as what the top earners make:***

  • Accounting clerks and technicians—$40,000 or up to $57,595 or more
  • Pay and benefits administrators—$46,900 or up to $66,290 or more
  • Accountants and financial auditors—$60,300 or up to $106,000 or more

4. Event Planning

This is easily one of the most fascinating and high-energy areas of business. Event planners get to help put together special shows, celebrations, conferences, and other fun or important happenings. It's a field that allows you to channel your creativity and penchant for organization into an activity that's often well rewarded. The median yearly income for a full-time event planner in Canada is about $44,700, with some event pros earning more than $66,500.***

5. Marketing and Business Development

When it comes to fun and popular vocational paths, it's hard to beat marketing. You get to help determine what potential clients or customers want or need and then come up with creative ways to promote, distribute, or sell it. From brainstorming and strategizing to production and execution, the daily work of marketers can be very energizing.

What you can earn is equally compelling. For instance, the median salary for Canadian marketing and advertising managers is almost $80,000, with some making over $130,000.***

Plus, like in other areas of business, you have the option of specializing in the specific occupation or industry you like best. So, for example, if you're really into fashion, then you might consider training in fashion merchandising. Other examples include areas like sales, public relations, and Internet marketing.

6. Travel and Tourism

Many business travellers call Canada home. But this sector goes way beyond that particular niche. Tourism professionals understand that the potential market for travel services encompasses nearly everyone in the country as well as much of the rest of the world. So helping individuals or groups have memorable experiences in new locations is a big industry with good-paying vocations. The median annual wage of full-time travel counsellors in Canada is about $35,000. Yet some of them earn over $54,300.***

But the same can be said about helping tourist attraction operators or even whole communities or governments strategize ways to promote their offerings effectively to potential travellers. Canadians who specialize in tourism development or consultation can earn a median salary of about $63,480 or up to $109,000 or more.***

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