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Highest-Paying Jobs in Canada With Strong Career Outlooks

By Publisher
| Last Updated May 19, 2022

When thinking of the highest-paying jobs in Canada, these career paths may come to mind: physician, surgeon, dentist, pharmacist, and optometrist. Although it is true that these are some of the highest-paying jobs, they may not be the most attainable or even the most in-demand in the location where you want to begin your career.

High-level positions usually come with a time and financial commitment that many Canadians feel they cannot put forward. And aside from that, what if these top-paying positions are not expecting strong job growth in your area? Or what if they are not a match for your natural skills and interests? If you share these concerns, you will be happy to know that there are many great job options for people like you throughout the country.

We've compiled a list of high-paying jobs in Canada that are also expecting substantial growth. We have defined a high-paying job as one in which the top earners in the field make over $30.00 an hour. And these are also career fields that expect 15,000 job openings or more across the country in the 2017-to-2026 period. The jobs have been broken down into the following categories:

And if you are wondering about high-paying jobs in cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Edmonton, we have you covered. Check out some of the top in-demand, good-paying careers within three of Canada's largest cities at the end of this article. Act on your excitement and desire for a job that you will love, and start exploring your high-paying career options right now!

Salary and outlook information is current as of February 19, 2020. It is based on data from the Government of Canada's Job Bank. Job opening estimates are based on data from the Canadian Occupational Projection System.

High-Paying Jobs in Healthcare

Health Care SchoolsSome of Canada's fastest-growing and top-paying jobs are found within the healthcare field. An aging population and an increase in chronic diseases among all age groups drive the growing demand for healthcare services. Additionally, Canada's doctor, nurse, and hospital and acute-care bed supplies are considered low compared to the size of the country's population.

So as the government and industry work together to address shortages and keep up with demand, healthcare professionals could find solid job prospects along with good pay. Here are a few of the higher-paying positions that are expecting a significant number of job openings across the country.

Healthcare manager: Choose a position that involves managing, organizing, directing, and evaluating healthcare services at all levels, from nursing homes to hospitals. You can be responsible for several areas, including budgeting, staffing, controlling quality, and purchasing supplies and equipment. This high-level job typically requires many years of experience backed with a master's degree or higher credential.

  • Top-end hourly wage: $64.10
  • Median hourly wage: $45.67
  • Estimated job openings: 15,100

Licensed practical or registered nurse: Take on a job where you can work on the frontlines of the medical field. With two years or less of training, you could become a licensed practical nurse (LPN) and perform a variety of patient services ranging from taking vital signs to assessing patients to administering medication. Or, with four years or less of training, you could become a registered nurse (RN). As an RN, your duties could include evaluating patient care, assisting with surgeries and procedures, or planning discharges. Since RNs have higher education requirements and increased job responsibilities, they also enjoy higher pay. And if you are willing to work in Northern Canada, you could earn $70.00 per hour or more.

  • Top-end hourly wage for RNs: $46.70
  • Median hourly wage for RNs: $37.60
  • Estimated job openings for RNs: 157,100
  • Top-end hourly wage for LPNs: $33.00
  • Median hourly wage for LPNs: $26.30
  • Estimated job openings for LPNs: 32,400

Natural healing practitioner: In Canada, the natural healing practitioner category includes midwives, acupuncturists, Chinese medicine practitioners, herbalists, and homeopaths. So you could find a wide selection of educational options and employment paths within this field. The demand for natural healing practitioners is driven by an increase in certified training programs and public interest in alternative approaches to traditional medicine.

  • Top-end hourly wage: $48.08
  • Median hourly wage: $28.85
  • Estimated job openings: 25,800

Medical lab technologist or technician: As a medical lab technician, you could be responsible for conducting routine lab tests as well as preparing, cleaning, and maintaining equipment. Or, as a medical lab technologist, you would likely perform lab tests or experiments and then analyze the results to help diagnose, prevent, and treat diseases.

  • Top-end hourly wage for technologists: $44.75
  • Median hourly wage for technologists: $34.83
  • Top-end hourly wage for technicians: $40
  • Median hourly wage for technicians: $25
  • Estimated job openings for technologists and technicians: 20,500

Cardiology technologist: Take on a position where you assist with diagnosing and treating heart disease by operating electrocardiograms and other cardiac equipment. You could also be responsible for providing patient care, preparing written reports of your findings, and checking equipment to ensure that it is functioning correctly.

  • Top-end hourly wage: $37
  • Median hourly wage: $27.78
  • Estimated job openings: 23,100

Good-Paying Jobs in Human Services

Social and Community Service WorkerCanada is known as a country that takes care of its people, and that holds especially true for those who may be experiencing some form of hardship. There is a wide range of social service programs. As a result, the human services field offers many meaningful jobs that pay well, whether you would like to assist children, adults, or families.

There are certainly many people in the country who could use your help. Just consider the following facts:

These figures show that many Canadians require social assistance in one way or another, which means that there will likely be an ongoing demand for social service professionals across the country. If you are looking for purposeful and good-paying jobs in Canada, you may want to consider working in a field that assists those who need it most. Below are a couple of career paths that you could consider.

Social worker: Opt for a meaningful and fulfilling career that offers caring people like you an opportunity to help others experiencing hardship. You could work with individuals, couples, families, or even entire communities or organizations. You may be responsible for interviewing clients, assessing their needs, providing counselling, referring clients to other services and agencies, investigating claims of abuse or neglect, and performing other support activities.

  • Top-end hourly wage: $46.15
  • Median hourly wage: $33.33
  • Estimated job openings: 28,000

Community and social service worker: Consider a position where you help clients overcome their personal and social problems by delivering social assistance and community service programs. Your job responsibilities could include:

  • Interviewing and assessing clients
  • Developing plans of action
  • Helping clients discover other community resources and services
  • Monitoring client progress
  • Providing crisis intervention
  • Top-end hourly wage: $33
  • Median hourly wage: $21.54
  • Estimated job openings: 51,600

Solid Jobs That Pay Well in Business & Finance

Business SchoolsSmall businesses are an economic driver for the country and employ many Canadians. And whether discussing small, medium, or large businesses, many would argue that some of the best-paying jobs in Canada are found in this career sector. There are certainly great opportunities out there. Check out the high-paying jobs below that also have strong career outlooks across the country.

Finance professional: Many experts will tell you that Canada has one of the strongest financial services sectors in the world due to the country's asset and wealth management capabilities, strong banking and insurance sectors, as well as its use of financial technology. And although Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal are considered major finance employment hubs, opportunities are expected across the whole country in the coming years. Three specific well-paying finance career tracks that expect many openings include financial and investment analyst, financial manager, and banking, credit, and investment manager jobs.

All three positions will require you to develop finance expertise to research and analyze financial information. With the management positions comes a higher level of responsibility where you could be developing policies and managing and evaluating a department or organization's finance activities. Jobs can be found in private and public-sector organizations, including banks and insurance, investment, and trust companies.

  • Top-end hourly wage for financial managers: $71.43
  • Median hourly wage for financial managers: $46.15
  • Estimated job openings: 27,800
  • Top-end hourly wage for banking, credit, and investment managers: $64.90
  • Median hourly wage for banking, credit, and investment managers: $45.64
  • Estimated job openings: 16,700
  • Top-end hourly wage for financial and investment analysts: $55.90
  • Median hourly wage for financial and investment analysts: $33.65
  • Estimated job openings: 27,400

Human resources professional: Develop strong career skills that can set you up to succeed in just about any industry you choose. Human resources (HR) professionals are expected to be in demand across all sectors throughout almost every province and territory. You could start in the field as a recruitment officer, which typically requires the completion of a certificate or diploma. Your responsibilities would likely center around advertising open positions within your organization, recruiting individuals, and selecting eligible candidates. Or, by earning a diploma or degree, you could work as an HR specialist and be more involved in creating, administering, and evaluating human resources policies and procedures. And with a degree, you could work up to the management level, where you may oversee an entire HR department.

  • Top-end hourly wage for HR managers: $69.23
  • Median hourly wage for HR managers: $45.06
  • Top-end hourly wage for HR specialists: $54.95
  • Median hourly wage for HR specialists: $35.82
  • Top-end hourly wage for HR and recruitment officers: $40.97
  • Median hourly wage for HR and recruitment officers: $27.47
  • Estimated job openings for all three HR occupations combined: 73,900

Marketing or advertising manager: Put your communication, critical thinking, and organizational talents to good use by working as a marketing or advertising manager. With a diploma or degree and some professional experience, you could be on track to jump into this exciting field. Depending on the position and industry, your job responsibilities could include conducting market research, organizing company events and activities, maintaining media relations, and planning, managing, and assessing your organization's advertising and marketing activities, programs, and strategies. You can find job opportunities throughout the public and private sectors.

  • Top-end hourly wage: $62.50
  • Median hourly wage: $39.56
  • Estimated job openings: 18,600

Management consultant: Earn a business-related degree and build your expertise to achieve an interesting and varied job as a management consultant. Consultants, or analysts, are typically employed with firms that provide consulting services on a contract basis to other businesses and organizations. You may work with one or several clients at a time to help them solve problems within their organizations, enhance efficiency, or improve productivity. You could spend your time assessing and researching the situation to develop solutions. And you may assist with implementing and evaluating the changes you have recommended.

  • Top-end hourly wage: $57.21
  • Median hourly wage: $36.55
  • Estimated job openings: 39,900

Accountant or bookkeeper: Transform your impeccable ability to work with numbers into a valuable career as an accountant, auditor, or bookkeeper. As a bookkeeper, you could be responsible for maintaining financial records, reconciling accounts, preparing reports, and maybe even handling payroll and accounts receivable and payable activities. Although accountants can perform many of these same duties, they tend to oversee and manage accounting systems and activities. They could spend time analyzing financial data, preparing reports and statements, and offering advice. Financial auditors focus more on analyzing records to ensure accuracy and that standards and procedures are being followed.

  • Top-end hourly wage for financial auditors and accountants: $57.69
  • Median hourly wage for financial auditors and accountants: $33.65
  • Estimated job openings: 94,400
  • Top-end hourly wage for accounting technicians and bookkeepers: $35
  • Median hourly wage for accounting technicians and bookkeepers: $22
  • Estimated job openings: 82,700

Insurance professional: Put your meticulous and detail-oriented nature to work in a field that offers good pay and solid job opportunities. As an insurance agent or broker, you could be responsible for selling all types of insurance to clients, including vehicle, property, health, and life insurance. You will review your clients' coverage needs, determine their premiums, and ensure that all policy requirements are met. On the other hand, if you work as an adjuster or claim examiner, you will focus on investigating claims, inspecting damage, taking statements, reviewing relevant documents, and determining outcomes to settle claims.

  • Top-end hourly wage for insurance adjusters and claim examiners: $42.03
  • Median hourly wage for insurance adjusters and claim examiners: $28.21
  • Estimated job openings: 18,600
  • Top-end hourly wage for insurance agents and brokers: $34.62
  • Median hourly wage for insurance agents and brokers: $23.46
  • Estimated job openings: 27,600

Executive assistant or office administrator: Position yourself as a key member of an organization and help keep an office running smoothly and efficiently. Whether you choose office administration or executive assisting, you may be able to find good job opportunities across all industries in both the public and private sectors.

Office administrators typically oversee, direct, and assess office procedures while assigning and delegating work, maintaining inventory, preparing budgets, writing reports, and handling other areas related to equipment, supplies, maintenance, and security.

  • Top-end hourly wage for office administrators: $36.26
  • Median hourly wage for office administrators: $24.04
  • Estimated job openings for office administrators: 118,100

Executive assistants tend to assist upper managers. Their job duties often include implementing administrative policies and procedures, handling incoming and outgoing communications, preparing briefs and reports, arranging meetings, conducting research, and writing reports.

  • Top-end hourly wage for executive assistants: $40
  • Median hourly wage for executive assistants: $27.69
  • Estimated job openings for executive assistants: 18,700

Top-Paying Jobs in Travel & Tourism

Travel, Tourism & Hospitality TrainingMany Canadians begin their working careers in travel, tourism, or hospitality. Those that work up to management can enjoy some of the best-paying jobs available in the industry. Here are two of the more common positions you may want to think about.

Accommodation Service Manager: Also referred to as hotel or resort managers, accommodation service managers essentially work at the hub of the travel and tourism industry. Along with developing operational policies and procedures for your department or even the entire organization, you may find yourself taking on a variety of responsibilities that could include preparing and tracking budgets, carrying out promotional activities, negotiating with suppliers and clients, and hiring and managing staff.

  • Top-end hourly wage: $60.17
  • Median hourly wage: $27.50
  • Estimated job openings: 37,500

Restaurant or Food Service Manager: Your love for the culinary arts and desire to create memorable customer experiences could certainly benefit you in a career as a restaurant or food service manager. With a combination of education and experience, you could find yourself managing a restaurant, bar, or other food and beverage service establishment. Your focus could be on overseeing all aspects of operations, including hiring staff, scheduling, determining menu items and prices, resolving customer complaints, and negotiating with suppliers.

  • Top-end hourly wage: $43.27
  • Median hourly wage: $20.67
  • Estimated job openings: 32,900

High-Paying Jobs in Technology

Technology SchoolsCanada has built a strong and innovative technology industry. Individuals with the right mix of skills and experience can find some of the most in-demand, top-paying jobs available across the country. According to Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED), information and communications technologies (ICT) workers earned an average of $83,342 annually in 2020—46.2 percent higher than the national workforce average. That's promising news for individuals interested in pursuing technology careers.

ISED also says that the Canadian ICT sector comprises more than 44,000 companies that employ more than 671,000 workers. It is no wonder that there are many exciting career opportunities within the technology sector. Check out some of the positions below that offer great pay and strong job growth potential in almost every corner of the country.

Computer and information systems manager: Fulfill a management position that has you overseeing areas related to computer and telecommunications software, information systems, and networks. You could be the leader of an information systems or electronic data processing department and carry out responsibilities related to setting policies and procedures, managing work teams, reviewing budgets, and analyzing system requirements, timelines, and costs. The employees that you manage could include computer programmers, technicians, analysts, and engineers.

  • Top-end hourly wage: $72.12
  • Median hourly wage: $50
  • Estimated job openings: 32,500

Software engineer or designer: Design software programs and systems that help organizations achieve their technological goals. You could find a position within an organization's IT department or work for a business that offers software solution services on a contractual basis to their clients. As a software engineer or designer, you will typically start by determining your employer's or client's needs, then design, create, and test software solutions that meet those needs. You may also be involved in maintenance and troubleshooting activities.

  • Top-end hourly wage: $66.83
  • Median hourly wage: $43.27
  • Estimated job openings: 20,700

Information systems analyst or consultant: Help clients determine their technological requirements and provide them with information systems that meet their needs. Many of these positions are found within IT consulting firms. There are also in-house opportunities in the private and public sectors. Depending on the type of organization that you work for, you could be using your research, design, development, and consulting skills to assist your clients or employer in areas related to information systems policies, strategies, management, and security.

  • Top-end hourly wage: $55.29
  • Median hourly wage: $38.46
  • Estimated job openings: 100,100

Computer programmer: Prepare for a high-tech position and open yourself up to the possibility of good job opportunities across Canada. Working for an IT department or computer-software or IT firm, you could spend your days doing what you love best: coding. Your job could have you writing and testing code, maintaining and modifying existing programs, preparing software reports, and carrying out other technical responsibilities.

  • Top-end hourly wage: $55.29
  • Median hourly wage: $36.06
  • Estimated job openings: 52,300
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Computer network technician: Position yourself within an IT department and take care of an organization's network requirements. You can develop expertise related to local area, wide area, and mainframe networks and computer hardware and software so that you can set up, maintain, test, repair, and improve an organization's network systems. You may also provide network support to other users, and you could also manage other staff members.

  • Top-end hourly wage: $48.07
  • Median hourly wage: $32
  • Estimated job openings: 23,200

User support technician: Develop expertise with computer hardware and software systems so you can assume a position in which you support other computer users within an organization. Once you have determined the problem that a user is experiencing, you will then work with him or her to find a solution. It may be that the user requires additional training or that the user's hardware or software is not performing properly. Since every problem is different, it is unlikely that you will become bored. You could find job opportunities within IT departments throughout the public and private sectors. You may even secure a position with an independent technical support company that offers services to more than one client.

  • Top-end hourly wage: $47.24
  • Median hourly wage: $28.59
  • Estimated job openings: 39,000

Graphic designer: Learn how to tell stories and evoke emotions through captivating designs. Graphic designers create graphic and visual art in print and digital formats to communicate an organization's specific message. You could be responsible for developing anything from posters and business cards to online ads and website graphics that are meant to help promote events, sell products, or spread messages. Your job may require you to determine both your company's and end users' needs, decide on the best medium to use, establish costs and timelines, and render artwork.

  • Top-end hourly wage: $39.90
  • Median hourly wage: $24.04
  • Estimated job openings: 21,400

Good-Paying Jobs in Education

Education and Teaching SchoolsThe education sector offers good-paying jobs and potential job growth in many areas over the next decade. Just imagine having an in-demand career, good pay, and the chance to make a real difference in the lives of children or adults.

Kindergarten, elementary, and secondary school teachers are expected to enjoy decent job prospects due to increased student enrollment, a growing number of retirees, and a need to replace the teachers who transition into advisor, consultant, and management positions.

There's also a promising outlook for those who would like to teach in higher education. Along with large retirement rates at the vocational and college levels, more students are seeking out pre-university classes as a way to reduce the amount of time and money spent at university. And more adults are seeking continuing education to update their workforce skills.

So if you are wondering about fulfilling career options that also offer good pay, then becoming a teacher may be your answer.

Teacher: Help shape the country's future by engaging children and youth in quality learning experiences within a classroom. From the kindergarten to the secondary school level, teachers have fair-to-good employment outlooks in just about every province and territory.

  • Top-end hourly wage for secondary school teachers: $52.88
  • Median hourly wage for secondary school teachers: $41.21
  • Estimated job openings: 46,100
  • Top-end hourly wage for elementary school and kindergarten teachers: $51.28
  • Median hourly wage for elementary school and kindergarten teachers: $37.50
  • Estimated job openings: 98,900

College or Other Vocational Instructor: Equip adults of all ages to progress in their current jobs, achieve new careers, or prepare for university. Although requirements can vary between institutions, most positions will require you to have at least a bachelor's degree. You will also need additional adult education or teaching credentials and professional experience in your field.

  • Top-end hourly wage: $56.09
  • Median hourly wage: $37.93
  • Estimated job openings: 42,600

Highest-Paying Jobs in the Skilled Trades

Skilled Trades SchoolsSome of the highest job-vacancy rates in Canada are found within the skilled trades sector. The industry is experiencing large retirement rates, and there are not enough new people coming into the field to replace them. When you add in new job creation due to industry growth, you can understand why the skilled trades sector has one of the strongest job outlooks in the country.

Along with high-paying jobs, the skilled trades sector can also offer more job security over other fields. For example, unlike some areas of technology, most skilled trades jobs cannot be relocated overseas, and many cannot be automated.

Due to the projected labour shortage of skilled trades professionals, the government has implemented many initiatives to encourage people to train for skilled trades careers. If you are interested in training for a skilled trades job, then you should contact your local employment office to see if there are any programs that could help you achieve an education. In the meantime, check out some of the jobs that can offer you good pay along with solid growth.

Civil Engineer: Play a part in shaping Canadian landscapes by planning, designing, and managing construction projects. Civil engineers are involved with new construction as well as existing structures. That includes airports, bridges, buildings, dams, roads, and water and sanitation systems. You may spend your time determining project requirements and specifications, recommending building and construction materials, reviewing civil design and survey work, conducting feasibility studies, preparing contract documents, and performing many other engineering-related tasks. Most employment opportunities are found with engineering companies, government agencies, and construction firms.

  • Top-end hourly wage: $61.54
  • Median hourly wage: $39.42
  • Estimated job openings: 19,100

Construction Manager: Obtain a position that lets you oversee and direct building projects from beginning to end. As a construction manager, you could prepare budgets, manage schedules, negotiate contracts, and supervise quality control initiatives. So if you can picture yourself managing activities and workers in the residential, commercial, or industrial construction sector, then this could be an ideal career path for you.

  • Top-end hourly wage: $61.54
  • Median hourly wage: $40
  • Estimated job openings: 28,100

Longshore Worker: Opt for a position where you can work at a dock moving cargo on and off ships and other vessels. You could be responsible for operating mechanical towers, winches and other hoisting devices, and industrial trucks and tractors. Although this is a high-paying career path, it is only an option in the provinces with open access to ports, such as British Columbia and Nova Scotia.

  • Top-end hourly wage: $45
  • Median hourly wage: $35.38
  • Estimated job openings: 50,400

Electrician: Take on the important work of installing new electrical systems and working on existing systems in residential or commercial settings. You could find yourself taking care of just about anything, from interpreting electrical drawings and installing light fixtures to testing the continuity of circuits and repairing electrical faults.

  • Top-end hourly wage: $44
  • Median hourly wage: $32
  • Estimated job openings: 30,800

Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanic: Prepare for a critical role in which you maintain and repair heavy machinery that is used in the agriculture, construction, forestry, landscaping, mining, oil and gas, and transportation sectors, as well as other related industries. You could find yourself working on bulldozers, excavators, graders, and other heavy machines. You may check them for potential problems, perform routine maintenance, diagnose operator-reported issues, conduct needed repairs, and service machine attachments.

  • Top-end hourly wage: $45.67
  • Median hourly wage: $32
  • Estimated job openings: 25,300

Welder: Begin a career that lets you work with your hands to join and repair metal products. You will likely learn how to use a variety of welding, soldering, and brazing equipment. And you could even develop your skills within a specialty area. Possible specialties include custom fabrication, pipeline construction welding, and shipbuilding. You can find welding jobs in construction, industrial, and manufacturing settings. A welder's work could involve a range of projects, from constructing aircraft or heavy machines to welding underwater oil rigs.

  • Top-end hourly wage: $39
  • Median hourly wage: $25
  • Estimated job openings: 24,000

Carpenter: Develop the skills needed to build structures, structural components, and even beautifully crafted pieces of furniture. A carpenter's daily work can include interpreting blueprints, creating layouts, preparing construction materials, building foundations, erecting walls, and completing renovations. The most common employers for carpentry jobs are carpentry contractors, construction companies, and organizations with maintenance departments.

  • Top-end hourly wage: $37.51
  • Median hourly wage: $25
  • Estimated job openings: 27,800

Automotive Service Technician: Transform your passion for working on vehicles into a viable, good-paying career. Just imagine spending your days diagnosing, repairing, and maintaining the mechanical, electronic, and electrical systems and components within a wide range of vehicles. You could use manual and computerized equipment to test and repair systems related to engines and drivetrains, steering, fuel, emission control, climate control, and other automotive technologies. You may be able to find a job with a dealership, repair shop, or other automotive maintenance company.

  • Top-end hourly wage: $38
  • Median hourly wage: $24
  • Estimated job openings: 27,900

Truck Driver: Spend your days enjoying life out on the open road as a short- or long-haul truck driver. Canada is a large country, and truck drivers take on the crucial role of transporting materials and goods around cities and between regions, provinces, and even countries. Short-haul truck drivers usually work within the cities or regions where they live and return home at the end of each shift. In contrast, long-haul truck drivers may spend many days or weeks transporting goods or materials before arriving back home.

  • Top-end hourly wage: $33.33
  • Median hourly wage: $21.67
  • Estimated job openings: 114,700

Good-Paying Jobs in the Legal SectorThe legal sector could have some good options if you are interested in the law and want a career that can offer good pay and strong job opportunities. Increased global economic activity, constantly changing legislation, and economic growth are all factors that contribute to a growing demand for legal services across Canada. That is good news for those who want to pursue legal careers. And individuals interested in law enforcement could find decent job opportunities since a large number of police officers are expected to retire within the next decade. So check out these legal careers that you might want to consider.

Lawyers: Most people have lawyers on their list of top-paying legal careers. Although lawyers often enjoy excellent pay and gratifying work, some individuals choose not to enter the field because becoming a lawyer requires several years of schooling along with large financial commitments. But what if you could enter the field of law with only a short amount of schooling? That is definitely a possibility if you train to become a paralegal or legal assistant. It could be a great way to test the waters, and if you absolutely love the work, then you may decide to advance your education to the lawyer level.

  • Top-end annual salary: $294,346 (equivalent to $141.51 per hour)
  • Median annual salary: $116,940 (equivalent to $56.22 per hour)
  • Estimated job openings (includes judges and Quebec notaries): 42,800

Police Officer: A lot of people just like you love working as police officers because they perform meaningful work that can make a real difference in the communities and regions in which they reside. In less than a year's time, you could be maintaining law and order as a member of a municipal, provincial, or federal police force.

  • Top-end hourly wage: $55
  • Median hourly wage: $42.24
  • Estimated job openings: 23,100

Highest-Paying Jobs in Three of Canada's Largest Cities

Young businesswoman on her phoneWe have looked at some of the best-paying jobs in Canada that are expected to have a large number of openings in the coming years. But this is a large country, and employment rates and top-end wages can vary substantially between provinces and territories, regions, and cities and towns. Since a large percentage of the Canadian population resides in major cities like Vancouver, Edmonton, and Toronto, we have listed some of the top high-paying jobs within each of those cities that also have strong outlooks (for occupations in which both top-end wage and job-outlook data is available).

1. Toronto

  • Computer and information systems managers: $75.90 and higher (equivalent to $157,872 annually)
  • Managers in health care: $72.12 and higher (equivalent to $150,010 annually)
  • Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers): $53.85 and higher (equivalent to $112,008 annually)
  • Financial and investment analysts: $52.75 and higher (equivalent to $109,720 annually)
  • Restaurant and food service managers: $46.78 and higher (equivalent to $97,302 annually)

2. Vancouver

  • Engineering managers: $83.17 and higher (equivalent to $172,994 annually)
  • Managers in social, community, and correctional services: $60.10 and higher (equivalent to $125,008 annually)
  • Construction managers: $60 and higher (equivalent to $124,800 annually)
  • Financial auditors and accountants: $45.67 and higher (equivalent to $94,994 annually)
  • Court officers and justices of the peace: $40.11 and higher (equivalent to $83,428 annually)

3. Edmonton

  • Industrial engineering and manufacturing technologists and technicians: $72.12 and higher (equivalent to $150,010 annually)
  • Nursing coordinators and supervisors: $60.80 and higher (equivalent to $126,464 annually)
  • Human resources professionals: $53.30 and higher (equivalent to $110,864 annually)
  • Information systems analysts and consultants: $53 and higher (equivalent to $110,240 annually)
  • Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses: $51 and higher (equivalent to $106,080 annually)