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Tourism and travel agent training schools in Canada have the resources and experience to help aspiring travel agents, tour guides, and hospitality pros reach their chosen career destinations. They know what's involved in qualifying for fun positions in this active industry. And they know how to train you for some of the most remarkable and memorable opportunities in one of the country's most standout occupational sectors.

Tourism's Big Role in Creating Career Possibilities

Canadians love to travel. And this country is a major draw for tourists from around the world due to its many natural and cultural attractions. So when you combine the activity of people visiting different parts of Canada with those who travel from here to other countries, the result has a major economic impact, especially in terms of jobs. Just look at some of the numbers:

  • In 2015, Canada's tourism sector accounted for $90 billion in economic activity, resulting in 1.7 million direct jobs.*
  • In 2012, Canadians embarked on more than 32 million trips outside the country. Nearly 10 million of those trips were to overseas destinations like Mexico, Cuba, Europe, China, and various Caribbean locations.**
  • About 16 million foreign tourists visited Canada in 2012.**
  • Between 2015 and 2035, growth in tourism could require the creation of an additional 504,000 jobs that may not all be filled, resulting in a possible shortage of as many as 93,000 full-year workers within the industry.***

What You Can Do as a Travel Professional

People who work in this vocational sector often love what they do. After all, they are in the business of helping people have joyful, enriching, and unforgettable experiences. Plus, many travel professionals get to experience a variety of exciting destinations for themselves as part of their work. Two of the most popular roles in this field are those of travel agents and tour guides.

Travel agents, sometimes known as travel consultants or travel counsellors, tend to have jobs that involve duties like:

  • Guiding clients through options and costs for suitable travel destinations, hotels, flights, and activities
  • Making all travel arrangements for anyone from individual clients to large groups
  • Exploring new travel opportunities and attractions and providing tips and recommendations to clients based on their own experiences
  • Offering educated advice about important matters related to issues such as understanding foreign customs, staying safe, and exchanging currency

Tour guides generally have positions involving tasks like:

  • Escorting tourists on visits to natural, cultural, or historic sites
  • Providing information about key points of interest and answering questions
  • Confirming the reservations, travel arrangements, and excursion plans of participating tourists
  • Helping tourists resolve any problems they may encounter

How Much Travel Agents and Tour Guides Can Earn

The median hourly wage of a travel agent in Canada is $16.34. But, with enough experience, it's possible to earn over $33 per hour (more than $68,640 a year for full-time work) in some parts of the country.****

Depending on where they work and how long they've been in the industry, Canadian tour guides can earn as much as $26.25 or more per hour.****

Plus, travel professionals often receive additional perks in the way of significant discounts to transportation services, accommodations, and attractions. And those who become travel agency managers or operators of their own businesses can make even greater salaries.

What It Takes to Become a Travel Pro

A college diploma or certificate related to travel, tourism, or hospitality is usually all you need to get started in this field. At many vocational schools, that kind of training takes only a year or less to complete.

Beyond your education, some employers also prefer to hire travel agents with professional certification. The Association of Canadian Travel Agencies offers the chance to become a Certified Travel Counsellor (CTC) if you're new to the field or a Certified Travel Manager (CTM) if you have more experience.

In the event you wish to start your own travel-related business, you may have to go through a provincial registration or licensing process. For example, Ontario and BC are just two of the provinces that have such requirements.

Embark on Your New Path Today

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