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Fashion Merchandising Schools & Colleges

By Publisher
| Last Updated March 10, 2022

Fashion merchandising schools give creative yet business-minded individuals the chance to learn how to buy, sell, or promote the work of talented designers and contemporary brands. Their programs focus on a career choice that can pay off in the form of personal satisfaction, effective confidence, good earnings, and distinctive perks.

Many people in this fun and expansive field get to enjoy the kinds of benefits that can be hard to find in other vocational sectors. Whether you go into fashion buying, retailing, or promotion, you're likely to be in for some positive surprises. Simply put, fashion marketing schools and colleges offer training options that have opened doors to exciting professional lives for countless students with an interest in fashion and business.

7 Great Perks of Having a Career in Fashion Merchandising or Marketing

Fashion Merchandising SchoolsThousands of fashion professionals enjoy working in Canada. That's because the industry is very broad and offers multiple ways to benefit from its presence and successes.

Look at these seven potential perks of going to college to become a fashion merchandiser, fashion marketer, or similar type of professional:

1. Multifaceted Enjoyment

For people who delight in performing both creative and business-oriented tasks, this career area offers the chance to experience total professional fulfillment. After all, when you get to blend your biggest interests into one vocational package, it's easy to feel satisfied and motivated each day.

2. Lots of Fun Career Paths

Ever wondered what it would be like to work as a fashion buyer for a prominent or chic retail brand? How about as someone who gets to plan and coordinate the digital and print marketing campaigns for an up-and-coming fashion designer or clothing store?

Those are just two of the many inspiring possibilities you might pursue. Others include being a fashion retail manager, display specialist, fashion runway coordinator, assistant to an in-vogue stylist, or even a self-employed fashion consultant.

Plus, you may have the chance to work in some truly fun places for businesses that specialize in fascinating types of clothing. For example, the Greater Vancouver area of BC is home to several performance apparel companies that manufacture and sell stylish-yet-functional gear for all kinds of outdoor activities.

3. Potential for Advancement and a Big Salary

Since fashion merchandising and marketing professionals have so many career options, they also have the ability to find some very good-paying opportunities. For instance, check out just a few of the median salaries in Canada for people in occupational areas that often involve fashion:

4. Free Items and Big Discounts

Fashion Merchandising SchoolsA lot of fashion buyers and marketing pros receive free clothing samples or accessories from designers and manufacturers who want their products sold in stores or promoted more widely. Plus, many fashion retail pros also receive significant discounts on any items they purchase at the stores they work for.

5. Opportunities to Travel

Fashion is an international industry. As a result, a lot of people in this business get to travel around the world to attend fashion shows or meet with designers, suppliers, or media representatives.

6. Insider Knowledge

Working in fashion often means that you're privy to upcoming style trends before anyone else knows about them. And that can give you an advantage in conducting certain types of negotiations or even help you impress important people in a social setting.

7. Fascinating People

Because of the global nature of this creative industry, it is common to interact with interesting and talented people from across Canada as well as from many other countries. That means you can develop professional relationships and personal associations that are out-of-the-ordinary and anything but boring.

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